February 21

BAT Exclusive 1969 911E Targa

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  1. josh says:

    1969 911 E Targa
    VIN 11921015
    Red with Black interior, orig color Crystal Blue 6825-L
    Strong driver status Targa in very well preserved condition.
    Red paint job performed to high standard, evident as photos show.
    Dry tub with some evidence of arrested corrosion.
    Underside is very well preservedand unmolested, floor pan in very good cond.
    Front “Horseshoe has been replaced, older repair, looks solid.
    Rear bumpers and tail light areas VG
    Rear qtr’s to lock plates- VG
    Targa support bracketry- VG
    Rockers and jack tubes- VG with only minor,arrested corrosion, clean.
    Front fenders, wheel wells, battery box’s, fender joining plates, lamp buckets and upper cowl areas- VG. Some bucket corrosion at harness thru hole.
    Wheels polished and painted.
    Lower fuel tank, minor dents and no corrosion.
    Fuel lines and cabling look good.
    Linkages look good.
    Bulkhead, lower rear looks good.
    Older undercoating degrading but lends peek to overall condition- VG
    No severe corrosion, very solid.
    Very few flaws- above average example.

    Bushings are aged as are rears, but rears in good condition. Newer shocks.
    No sway bars.
    Orig type TRE’s
    Lower cover missing seal, forward.
    Rack area- VG
    Calipers and assys- good
    softlines in good cond.

    Engine & Trans
    Usual oil leaks but none are severe.
    Trans seeping not severe.
    Oil Tank-VG
    Engine # 6121508
    Shroud worn
    Funky wiring to electrical plate- needs sorting.
    Odd oil lines
    Fuel lines-VG
    Links- Throttles feel good and tingt
    Decell SW missing
    Pump clean and dry.
    Belt in good cond.

    Front Trunk
    Overuse of black undercoating
    RH battery deleted, harness needs sorting.
    Cardboard cowl cover poor.
    Tank breather system intact
    Tools and jack missing.
    Light SW wiring need repair.

    Door pockets missing
    Aftermarket carpet set.
    Seats- Very fresh
    Chrome good
    Orig seat belts- aged.
    Dash recovered as is speaker grill.
    Aftermkt stereo with speakers in doors.
    Newer MOMO wheel
    Gauges, bezels and glass- VG
    Trip reset works
    Blower and air distribution slides working
    Glove box- Normal w/owners manual
    Door panels suffer warps as pockets missing.
    Window regs- Nice operation
    Window channels worn
    qtr windows and seals in good cond.
    Rear seat area, carpet and vinyl OK
    Interior targa bar cover, vents and seat belt covers- VG
    switch gear in working order.
    Targa seals aged but doing job.

    Good strong engine performance.
    Trans shifts normally and crisply.
    Brakes sold w/o pulls or drifts.
    Minimal air noise from top!
    Rewarding early 911 driver!!

  2. Joe says:

    Is this car for sale? Price? Would you be available to do some of the workthatneeds to be done? What was the original color?

  3. Tim Morris, owner GMT says:

    Crystal Blue was orig. color
    Asking price is $42K, after professional assessment and market analysis, FIRM…

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