Motorsports & Racing

GMT Motorsports: Street Tuning, Autocross, Spec Race-Class Car Builds & Vintage Prepared Race Cars. What ever you drive, how-ever you want to drive it…


  • Complete Race Car Construction
  • Custom Shift & Pedal Cluster Fabrication
  • Custom Machined Parts In Steel, Aluminum or Stainless
  • Purpose Suspension Fabrication
  • Mig, Tig and Gas Welding
  • Corner Weighting & Balance
  • Race Suspension Consulting & Design
  • Chassis Setup & Spec Build Services
  • Race Clutches
  • Transmission Rebuilding and Repairs /Custom Ratios /Limited slip differential installed
  • Custom Race Engines




1987 Carrera Brumos Clone Built to Spec as a Street Legal Track Weapon.

Spec 911 Race Car Custom Built by GMT.

Dyno-Testing of Spec 911 Racer - Fully Tuned!

1960 DKW Chassis Powered by a Type 1 VW Motor - Crafted by Blake Veins of GMT.

1960 DKW Chassis Powered by a Type 1 VW Race Motor being Assembled.

1960 DKW Chassis and Motor Ready for Installation.

1973 BMW CSL 3.0 Restoration Race Car - Jagermeister Tribute Race Car Built by GMT!

1973 BMW CSL 3.0 Jagermeister Tribute Race Racing at Leguna Seca.

#36 - Ron’s Federspiel Place’s First in Class at Portland International Raceway’s Columbia River Classic’s SOVREN Race in Early September 2011.

#36 -Ron Federspiel's 1960's Crusader Race Car - Powered by a VW Type 1 "GMT Special" Engine.

1964 BMW 1800 TiSA Race Car - Built and Tuned by GMT

High-Compression BMW M10 Motor for the 1800 Tisa Race Car.

GMT's 1964 BMW 1800 TiSA Racing at Grass Valley, OR.