Pre-Purchase Inspections

In the market for a used vehicle? You’ve seached craigslist, visited the classifieds and walked the all the lots. You’ve narrowed it down to the {… the perfect} one, but…?

Looking for an honest service & vehicle health review?

One of the most over-look steps in buying a used car is the pre-purchase inspection {PPI}. This single measure can significantly reduce the risk involved in purchasing any used automobile. The GMT PPI will help aid your decision by revealing any damage, faults or future concerns that a simple walk-around would commonly overlook.

Our complete vehicle inspection allows us to prioritize our findings based on:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Cosmetics


Due to the 2 party nature of the vehicle inspection’s pending vehicle sales; PPI scheduling/inspections can be requested for same-day-service, if timing allows.

Ask us, we’d like to help.